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The count down, for me anyway, has begun!!! I have exactly five days left of school; as an undergraduate. Tonight, and possibly tomorrow night, I’ll be working on my last paper, presentation and assignments all to turn in by Wednesday & Thursday. Who else can’t wait?! Okay, enough with the sarcasm - can we just all throw confetti?

Goodness… I don’t know what else to say so I won’t say anything. Wait, does drooling count???

A half hour early but does it qualify if he’s my man crush for everyday?

So excited the Easter bunny came bright & early!

After my rant about my horrible experience at Smart Style I did what I should’ve done a day before - write a complaint to whoever ran the entire show. I visited the website and easily found where I could provide feedback.

Boy did I let loose! I didn’t realize how traumatic it had been until it came time to say it all and let someone else know. This was LATE and I may not have been in the greatest mood but my lengthy comment section was well worth it. I kept it classy as always while still letting my aggravation shine through in a professional manner. I hit send.

9am this morning I receive a call from an unknown number. The late complaints had already escaped my mind so I did not think twice when I answered. It was the district manager and she was forwarded my complaints first thing and I was now top priority. She stated that she had never seen such feedback and was truly sorry for my experience. I began to recall my ordeal and she was appalled at what would follow each time I spoke. I mentioned my usual salon had moved and she became excited because my usual salon and this horrible place were affiliated! She heard the contempt in my gasp and reassured me that while they are run by the same owner, their individual routines, environment and overall salons are completely different - obviously!

We spoke about 20 minutes and the entire time I was comfortable and her whole attitude restored faith in the chain but I am still leery about that salon. She surprised me and said she didn’t blame me lol. Because of her I will not judge the other salons but will still avoid that particular location. She reassured me that things will be done and consequences will be given as all names were already gathered before she even called! I was certainly impressed. She was horrified hearing of my disastrous hair and have promised that my next hair cut will be taken cared of free of charge.

It wasn’t the money or the reimbursement that restored my faith in this chain but I finally got what I wanted in the first place - respect. I wanted my hairstylist to respect what I requested and own up to her mistakes while putting me in pain to distract from those mistakes. My last impression? I’ll never go to that salon again but the higher ups REALLY do care for their clients. One and a half thumbs up for everyone involved outside of that crap locale.

Beauty is my passion. This includes getting my hair, nails and everything in between done. I like being pampered and I’ve been spoiled by my choice places because they do a great job. Because of this horrendous weather we’ve had I haven’t been able to get my hair fully cut for almost 5 months! That’s unheard of for me and my head was carrying around hair that was almost touching my butt. It was time to visit my favorite salon for a cut and style.

I get there and I’ve been so out of the loop that it was moved. I Googled it and it was nearly an hour away :( I was sad.. my hubbs mentioned trying a different place bit nearby as our children would be home sooner than later. I thought of anything close but no salons. The next option? There was a huge Wal-Mart just minutes away and there was a salon in it. I cringed but it was the last resort. We get there and surprise surprise - there are no people waiting. I sign up and get service right away.

I have a sensitive head but I can sit through any session without any signs of my pain. My hairstylist was so ROUGH that the only thing I could relate it to was my head being scraped BECAUSE IT WAS. she washed my hair and she was digging into my scalp so hard that my head began to throb! The back of my shirt was drenched and she got soap IN my ears. When it was time to move to her station I was dizzy.

As I mentioned my hair was LONG. she took a pick, not a comb, and began pulling to the point of my chair moving. I was in pain! She asked how short and I guided her to right below my shoulder. She began to cut and a moment came when she cut too short. We both knew yet she cut shorter. I was getting pissed.

In the midst of all this her co worker and manager were having a VERY loud and inappropriate conversation where anyone could hear about their bills for the place and other customers! How unprofessional. Time came for the blow dry. I was gritting my teeth awaiting for this and boy was I right. My scalp was burning within seconds as the hairstylist was distracted. I made blatant movements and noises to bring her back to my attention. If I hadn’t told her to blow dry my hair she wouldn’t have! Imagine walking out into 20 degree weather with wet hair >:| after she was done frying my hair and giving me the biggest headache she began cutting again! I pulled away in annoyance and promptly paid. Needless to say NO TIP.

End result? I had almost four more inches cut off than I initially told her, my scalp and ears have scrapes on them and my even my lips were jabbed. I will never return to that establishment even if it were the only one in my state. Never again.

He went on a field trip to the Hershey Museum today and made us all dessert from fresh milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate chips

I’m sitting here procrastinating - again - I know I know I’m horrible… yet, I’m okay this time because it just hit me next Friday is my last day of classes! *Throws confetti*

I still can’t really believe this is my second to last week of school… Maybe I’ll pinch myself just to make sure… okay, it’s real. This is my last week procrastinating for next week’s assignments as an undergraduate. Never again will I be someone without a double bachelors…never again will I be studying for an undergraduate exam for the following week… Never again will I wonder what it feels like to be under qualified for this field. I will be doing what I love but more than able to fill the requirements for all the jobs surrounding my career! This journey is almost over and it will be bittersweet. I am anxious to move onto my next conquest yet I will want to keep looking over my shoulder at the path I’ve traveled. Here’s a toast to finally being done with this uphill struggle and hope the brakes don’t quit on me at this last run towards the finish.

Many of you are probably wondering why I haven’t written/talked/text or blogged anything about our wedding in quite awhile. The update is that it’s been postponed. Don’t be sad or worried because it’s not cancelled! We still look forward to spending our beautiful day with all of you and making those memories to the start of our lives as one on the gorgeous day. So, when is being postponed to?

Hopefully this is enough to calm your nerves :) Okay, one more sneak peek..

Yes, I’m getting a customized dress made. How lucky am I??!! This is also one of the main reasons for more time - we want this day to be PERFECT and want to invite the world but our guest list has already gotten too big but we wouldn’t change that! There have been a lot of changes being talked about…such as adding more to the bridal party ;-) I can’t help that I have some pretty awesome friends that I want in my wedding… I don’t want to stress anyone out so this extra time will allow my wedding to still be gorgeous but not put anyone in debt - much - lol. We are still hitting the destination honeymoon and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

That’s the update for now! Will update when there’s more movement with it :)

First day at the park!

My ox and I just hanging out

My bestest and I out to brunch


We all have those wonderful people in our lives that make us count our blessings daily that they are here for us through thick and thin. We cherish those moments spent together and look back upon those people as something needed for us to have a beautiful life. Then there are those people that because of factors out of our own control - we get stuck with - in one way, shape or form. Welcome to my world and the wonderful people that make my life MY life and then that one person that puts a damper on the entire thing.

Why, you ask, would this person make such a big impact on me? We are to live without drama, issues and problems to the best of our capabilities but is it all really possible to avoid? One day you could be lounging in the sun and enjoying that pina colada next to your best friend and then the next you get ran over by a semi. That, of course, is only an example of a worse case scenario but you get it, right? I could be surrounded by all my friends and family and be eating the best cuisine while jamming to music that hypnotizes us - yet - the second this person even comes into our MINDS, we all want to smash a wall. Wonder why? Thought you’d never ask!

From the moment this person touched all our lives they’ve been a train wreck. What’s worse than being on a train that keeps colliding with everything you love? Watching that train wreck and your loved one standing at the end of the track by their own omission. There are only so many times you want to pull your loved one off that track before being hit until you think to yourself, “Maybe they want to be hit?” so you let them. Inevitably, they will learn to leave that train to run its course and find another, cleaner track to stand on so you don’t feel guilty about not pulling them off.

Back to the task at hand before I stray - this person has ruined lives with lies, deceit and manipulation The moment I met them I had no feelings of warmth or welcome as I would anyone else. I felt nothing but contempt and protecting of myself just from what I had heard from the past. As the time has passed I have been lucky that distance has been my greatest ally even though some have been burdened (for the rest of their life) to be stuck right beside that person. That sucks. But not my problem. Everyone tried to maintain a professional relationship but I on the other hand wanted NOTHING to do with them.

When you hate snakes, why go into the grass and try to make one a pet? This was exactly what was happening and I chose to stay far away. There were other involved who were innocent and that was the main reason the reconciling occurred but I still had my guard way up high. That snake wasn’t going to slither anywhere close to me. Today things blew up as all my guessing was proven and this person wasn’t just a snake but it had rabies, too!

All I can say is - tsk tsk! Karma shall too play a large role in this, you slimy rabid reptile.

Why the moose when I speak of snakes? It’s a nickname/clue into this dumbass we are all now forced to deal with for a long time.

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Good God no wonder I’m obsessed with him… man crush Monday or not!!